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(choose the option that best fits for you)


  • Level

  • Tape Measure

  • Safety Glasses

  • Pencil

  • Ultility Knife

  • Nails or Liquid Nails or Double sided Tape

  • Rubber Hammer

1. Knowing how many sq.ft do you need and how many boxes of product?

  • With the tape measure, get the height and width of your wall in inches. Then multiply the width times the height then divide that number by 144. This result will tell you how many square feet you will need. Add around 10% more for cutting and waste of product. Example: Your wall is 98 in. height x 118 in. width = 11,564 in / 144 in. = 80 sq.ft. It means you need around 80 sq.ft. Our box cover 24.00 sq.ft. Then 80sq.ft / 24.00sq.ft =

  • 3.33 = 4 (you will need 4 Boxes)

2. Check the wall’s condition and surface sq.ft do you need and how many boxes of product?

Your wall must be clean, dry, even and free of grease or wax. If necessary, clean the wall with regular non abrasive soap, taking out any possible nail.

3. Bring life to your wall choosing your pattern!

How you will place the planks on your wall? See below options. Give your personal touch. Choose one:


4. Starting Point your pattern!

(This example is for Staggered Pattern) Place your level and draw with your pencil, a straight line across the wall. (if you don’t have a level, you can measure from floor the same measure in both sides of wall i.e: 40 in. and then draw a line)

5. Choose between Permanent or Temporarily Installation

• Permanent (Liquid Adhesive) 
Liquid Nails Fuze It (LN-2000) is 

Along the center-back of each plank, apply enough amount of liquid nails (or a similar high strenght adhesive). Wait about 15 seconds and then position the first board directly above your reference line making pressure onto the wall. For better results, you can also nail each plank on its corners and center. Keep on adding planks both sides until the ends of your reference line. Trim the final pieces as needed with a cutter knife. For second row and others, always double-check the level until your wall is complete.

• Temporarily (Nails)

If you don’t want to work over the base wall, just get a thin plywood panel and create your project over it using the prior Permanent technique. Then nail or screw the whole panel over the wall on its corners. You can also take the panel with you if you plan to move from the place.

• Temporarily (Double sided Tape)
Scotch® Fasteners or Mounting Strips +10Lb are recommended

For small and medium size projects, you can use double sided fasteners or mounting Strips placing pieces on each plank corners and center. Follow the instructions of permanent technique changing Liquid Nails for Tape.

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